7 good news stories to brighten up the first day of April

After the global disaster that was the month of March, we couldn't be more excited to dive into April with these good news stories in tow

Lately, it seems every time we scroll through the news, headlines roar Covid-19 statistics, Trump’s latest blunder, travel bans, low medical supplies, etc. The bad news is overwhelming, and it’s easy to see why. The global pandemic is keeping us quarantined at home, away from work, family and friends.

However, what most news outlets fail to mention, is the plethora of positivity that has taken hold of communities. People from all over the world are uplifting one another and helping those in need, restoring our faith in humanity and spreading hope.

These stories prove that 2020 isn’t as bad as it seems to be. #notallheroeswearcapes


1. Italy gives food baskets to the poor


In Naples, residents have seen a huge need in their community and decided to help in whatever way they can. Baskets hanging from people’s balconies line the streets, filled with food and supplies for the less fortunate. These “supportive baskets” are based off an ancient Naples tradition and are already helping many who have lost their jobs due to recent shut downs.

2. UK block party quarantine style



Folks in Cheshire have refused to let current circumstances keep them down. The entire neighbourhood gathered for a giant dance party caught on video by 23-year-old local, Elsa Williams. “Social distant dancing happens every day on our road at 11am during lockdown,” she said. “This was day seven.”

3. Zoom wedding bells

When Sophie Austin and Ben Jackson set their wedding date for March 28 th , they had no idea it would be banned due to Covid-19 complications. But rather than postpone the date, the
Croydon couple decided nothing would stop them from their big day. They threw a Zoom wedding, performing the ceremony with all their friends and family on video chat – so

4. Teacher tutors struggling student through window



In South Dakota, a sixth grader was having trouble with maths at home and tried emailing her teacher for help. Instead of simply replying, her teacher Chris Waba, who happens to live nearby, went the extra mile by coming to her house, whiteboard in hand, and tutoring her through the window. Problem solved.

5. Miami cops run errands for seniors stuck at home

Miami PD are putting the elderly in their community first, by shopping for food and supplies and delivering groceries to their homes. “For decades, elderly residents have taken care of many of us in some way or form,” the police said. “During times like this, it’s important that we don’t forget about them.”

6. Australian man gives $10,000 in cash to people in welfare queue



When businessman Peter Darmos saw a lengthy queue outside his local Centrelink office in Melbourne, his heart ached for those unable to pay bills and feed their families. Thousands of Australians have lost their jobs due to the current epidemic. So, he went to the bank and withdrew $10,000, and started handing out hundred-dollar bills to people in line.


7. Architect converts shipping containers into care centres for Covid-19 patients

Italian architect Carlo Ratti teamed up with engineers, doctors, military experts and NGOs to recently found the ground-breaking Cura (connected units for respiratory ailments), 20-foot shipping containers converted into plug-in intensive care units for Covid-19 patients. Currently being built in Milan, Cura can potentially be a major aid to the 200 countries and territories affected by the pandemic so far.


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