6 Tips For Staying Motivated

So you've gotten off the couch and yes, that's half the battle. Here's how to keep yourself motivated when you're in the midst of your training!

1. Register for a race

Having a goal gives you focus. When you sign up for a race you have something to work towards, a reason to pull on your gear when it's wet outside and the couch looks very comfy.

2. Run in style

Don't just throw on just any old gear, wear gear that lifts you up. Looking down at a cool, colourful trainers or leggings is far nicer than trotting along in a mucky old pair and you'll feel great before you've even leave the house. Under Armour have become our go to brand for stylish, performance-based clothing. We're loving the gear we've been sporting for the #IMAGERunClub!


3. Run with a friend

The girls from the Image Run Club know first-hand that running with a friend or group makes a huge difference. There is a wonderful sense of comradery, everyone feeds off each other's energy and we know we are all in it together. When we come together we make each other stronger.


We had new runners and gym gear waiting for the image.ie run club members tonight! #imagerunclub

A photo posted by IMAGE.ie (@image.ie) on Apr 20, 2015 at 10:36am PDT

4. Motivational music or speeches

Music can really help to motivate by making you feel happy and boosting your energy. Inspirational speeches are a great way to get you pumped - if they don't make you cry like they do me that is!

5. Reward yourself

When you stick to your running regime and reach those goals, reward yourself for your super efforts. Have a pedicure or a relaxing massage or take a break from running for a couple of days - whatever you like! You're worth it - and your trainer recommends it!


6. Now

Always remind yourself that you are lucky to run. You don't have to do this; it is a choice and a privilege. To quote the great Gerry Duffy ?You GET to run!?

If you've lost your mojo and sitting around wondering what to do? Just RUN, NOW!

?Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.? Eckhart Tolle





Photo: @NathalieMC

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