IMAGE: 6 Great Reasons To Pick It Up

1 Meet the model everyone's talking about. IMAGE Magazine chats exclusively to Kendall Jenner's new BFF, Gigi Hadid. The new face of Maybelline talks about balancing her stellar career with her studies in criminology. Yes, really.

2 We give the lowdown on the one trend you need to get into this summer - and the one men will never get: culottes. Which way will you wear yours?

3. Celebrating 30 years in business, US designer Tommy Hilfiger reveals why he loves his Irish customers and how failing early was key to his career success.


4. Don't know how to nail your signature style? Four global fashion stars share their tips on perfecting the look that works for them.

5. Only got time to read one book this month? We present the Irish authors you need to know. We've got your summer reading list sorted. You can thank us later.

6. What's your fashion phobia? The IMAGE team spills on their deepest, darkest fashion faux pas. From dungarees to summer dressing, everyone has their sartorial bugbears.




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