5 Winning Wedding Gifts

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Yes, the aule hundred quid a pop certainly comes in handy for the poverty-stricken thing that is the newlywed couple, but there's a lot to be said for a memorable gift, too.?When, in reality, would you ever gift yourself with a glorious set of 22 classic novels like Frankenstein and Heart of Darkness, artfully republished by niche luxury group Roads (you may know them for their to-drown-in fragrances)? Even if your pals are not readin' types, these babies would make awesome framers.

Bestowing your wino brother with this posh Oeno Collector Box, from The Conran Shop, might not only serve to be quite useful, oh just every evening of the week, it could also be a cleverly passive hint that perhaps he and the new missus should lay off the grape, a bit.

Forget matching luggage, we would much rather a collectible piece of art, like?Mexican Suitcase No.5, 2011, by sculptor Guillermo Aguilar-Huerta, available as part of Irish online gallery Artfetch's wedding list service.


Take the liberty of choosing the wedding day scent for the gal half of the duo and add Made to Measure packaging - such as artisan fragrance house Memo will do for you - and you've actually created an olfactory memory for both.

And just because anyone who doesn't want a copper KitchenAid Mixer is crazy? nab this bad boy at Brown Thomas.

Illustration by Kitty Moss

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