5 Ways To Start Your Morning Feeling More Positive

There's no magic formula for happiness. However, it's something endlessly coveted - who doesn't want to be happy? And while we're sick of the hundreds of articles?promising an instant happy factor by doing X or Y, we do know that doing some things differently will start your morning on a more uplifting note. Public speaker Fran Lebowitz is one of many to dismiss the idea where we feel conditioned to seek out happiness. ?We live in a world where people think happiness is a condition, but it's not,? she said in her (excellent) documentary Public Speaking. ?It's a sensation. It's momentary." And because it's Friday (yay!) and the transport strike is what we didn't need to wake up to (boo!), doing these five things should find?you feeling at the very least, momentarily more joyous:

Change How You Sleep

Getting enough sleep (around 7-8 hours) will naturally start your day off well, but if you're constantly waking up in a horrible mood, give sleeping on your right side a try. Turkish researchers found that people who tend to sleep on their right side have mellower dreams, with themes of relief and joy as well as?feeling better rested and less dysfunctional during waking hours.

Practice Feeling Grateful

Happiness isn't always down to the big moments in life; it can be found in everything that you're grateful for. That first cup of coffee in the morning, the friend that picked up your forgotten bag on the train, the partner who cooked dinner on the evening you got soaked in the rain; anything you're grateful for, should make you feel uplifted as it shifts your mindset, according to Lifehack. Write down five things that you have to be thankful for to start the shift.

Set Some Goals For The Day


Whether it's something significant like nailing a big presentation at work or something minor like smile at a stranger, research has found that creating concrete goals for yourself not only sets you on the right track to success?but helps you feel happier as well.

Read A Brilliant Article/Listen To A Podcast

A nice part of your morning routine could be reading blogs you subscribe to or a podcast you love. Reading or listening to something inspiring and motivating in the morning kick starts your adrenaline and gets you feeling motivated for the day.

Do Something Nice For Others

Before you start out your day, take a moment to call a friend, send a text to a family member, or email a coworker that has helped you in some way. Not only will this help someone else feel good, but it can help you start your day off as well; studies have even shown that thinking of a loved one or significant other can help reduce pain and stress.

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