5 Tips To Guarantee Your Make Up Lasts All Day

If you're heading to a festival (or anywhere in the summer heat) it can be impossible to keep your face fresh all day and who has the patience to carry around the entire contents of their make up bag?

Follow these five tips guaranteed to keep your make up from sliding off your face this summer.


Exfoliate every week (once is usually enough) to keep your skin smooth - this is key to a perfect base for your make up. This will also remove any flakiness and dead skin cells, both of which can cause your foundation to look uneven. Use a cleanser to help clear problem areas and to remove excess oil, and don't forget to moisturise; even if your skin is extra oily in the heat, it still needs adequate hydration.



Primer will fill in your pores, seal in your moisturiser and provide you with a smooth surface for your make up application, which will help ensure it lasts longer. There are a variety of primers available for every skin type - dry, problem, oily, or acne prone - so be sure to buy a primer suited to your needs to get the most out of it.


Having oily skin is usually what can cause you to feel your make up is sliding off - not the look you're aiming for. To avoid this you should eliminate as much oil as possible. Use brushes to apply your make up and don't use your hands - they have natural oils and can contain bacteria, none of which you want near your face. Try to use oil free products where possible. You can also buy blotting paper and blotting powders, specifically designed for helping to remove oily spots on your make up throughout the day.


Your foundation and concealer will last longer with a light dusting of powder on all areas, with a little more on your overly-oily T-zone. Not all powders will make your skin appear chalky, caked or dry. Experiment with powders; from highlighting and translucent to pressed or loose, in order to find what is best suited to your skin. Go easy on the powder; if you apply too much of it, it tends to gather around dry areas on your skin which will make your make up appear dirty, or (worse) emphasise the lines you don't want to draw attention to. However, don't avoid using it, as a powder is key to sealing your foundation and ensuring your make up stays put from dusk til dawn.


No matter where you're going or what happens; if it rains all day or whether it's the hottest day of the year, if you get thrown in a swimming pool or if there's a nuclear explosion (worst case scenario) - setting spray has got you. This is the ideal top coat for your face. Thank the gods you live in a time where there is a product that will keep you looking fresh from the pre-drinks to the after party. Invest in one. Thank us later.


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