5 Reasons We'd Vote for Angelina

Ever since Vanity Fair published?excerpts of an interview with their cover star wherein she said ?I am open? in regard to running for office, punters have been cautious as to how serious the actress might have been. The 39-year-old Oscar winner is a high-profile champion of women's and refugees' rights the world over and her directing career has focused on the untold stories of ordinary people caught up in the brutality of war. If there is any Hollywood star that is going to make the transition to Capitol Hill, it's Angelina Jolie.

Here are the reasons Image.ie we would vote for Ms. Jolie.

Her Work on Violence Against Women

A couple of months ago she co-chaired, alongside British foreign secretary William Hague, an international summit in London on ending war zone sexual violence against women. This year Angelina was also made?an honorary dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her work in promoting women's rights in troubled regions.

As co-founder with Hague of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI), Angelina has done incredible work in highlighting stories the media generally ignores. Lauren Wolfe of the Women Under Siege project has said of the actress, ?Jolie's stratospheric visibility is making these women and girls visible.?


Her Empathy

Angelina's essay about her preventative double mastectomy - she discovered she had an 87% chance of developing the disease, which her mother also suffered from - was one of the most honest and personal pieces of health writing we've ever read.?"My Medical Choice"explained the complicated procedure in everyday language and spoke to women the world over who fear they might be at risk of developing breast cancer. Jolie extolled the benefits of genetic testing while also acknowledging how prohibitively expensive it can be for ordinary women.

Her Diplomacy

While filming?Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001, Angelina was on location in a war-torn Cambodia. This experience would change her life. She got in touch with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and within months was visiiting refugee camps around the world. She has been a UN special envoy for refugees since 2011 and has donated vast sums to the UNHCR and is constantly drawing attention to the plight of people in troubled regions the world over. She meets with politicians the world over about the rights of refugees while working with the Clintons' foundation and attending G8 meetings.

The Way She Handles the Media Delving into her Past

Angelina is a career chameleon, while remaining totally true to herself. Her twenties were marked by a series of misadventures - namely her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton. The two actors exchanged vials of blood, an act the Daily Mail will never let her forget. How does Angelina handle such past embarrassments? With a graceful silence while focusing on her career, family and marriage.



Brad Pitt Would Make an Amazing Political Spouse

He can cope with the media intrusion - see his previous marriage and divorce. His movies are very patriotic ??Inglourious Basterds and?Fury. And he can handle a tough interview - that?Between Two Ferns video still has us hollering with laughter.

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