5 podcasts about black and POC experiences in Ireland

Right now is an important time to listen to black people and people of colour in Ireland. These five podcasts document their experiences and discuss everything from pop culture to mental health issues faced by black men and experiences of racism in Ireland.


Pints of Malt

Femi, Kenny, Charlie and Jibbz are four Irish/Nigerian lads sharing their stories and experiences growing up and living in Ireland. They discuss childhood experiences, pop culture and frequently feature black Irish creators on the podcast to discuss their projects and experiences. The podcast is funny and full of laughs but delves into serious topics from colourism to Karens. Listen to Pints of Malt here.



Black & Bold

Leslie and Britney host the Black & Bold podcast and their motto is to always speak volumes. On the Black & Bold podcast, they discuss modern phenomena from religion to relationships, their experiences growing up as black Irish females and pop culture from reality TV to cultural appropriation. Don’t miss the most recent episode from Black Out Tuesday, where they discuss the racism they have faced in Ireland. Listen to Black & Bold here.



Éalú (meaning ‘escape’ in Irish) is a podcast centering people of colour in Ireland. The first season is out now, with eight episodes available where mixed-race hosts Esther, Karen and Maïa and featured guests discuss their experiences. There are episodes on Africa Day, growth and self-care, the black and queer experience, what it’s like to travel abroad to predominantly white countries, the importance of seeing yourself represented in media and more. Listen to Éalú here.


Box'd Out

This podcast, hosted by digital creator Amanda Adé, is about “daring to have those conversations that nobody else dares to have.” There are five episodes now with guests, discussing issues faced by black Irish artists in the Irish music industry, mental health issues faced by black men, OnlyFans and more. Don’t miss the last episode, Racism Is Not Just An American Problem - What Does It Mean To Be Black Irish. Listen to Box'd Out here.

The Juse

Juru and Seun are two students and “unfiltered best friends” discussing the pressures they face, light topics from pop culture, social media and reality tv to more serious subjects like misogyny and modern-day marriage. Listen to The Juse here.

Featured image by Pints of Malt and Black & Bold.

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