5 Pieces Of Life Advice From "Nasty Woman" Helen Mirren

We never thought we'd say the words "thank you" and "Donald Trump" in the same sentence, but as his rapid ascent to becoming a genuine candidate for US presidency'shows, there is a first time for everything. Trump referred to his rival as a "nasty women" in the last set of debates, hoping to belittle Clinton and score himself some brownie points. It backfired spectacularly and was brilliantly reclaimed as a feminist battle cry?on social media, and for this, we say, "Thank you, Donald Trump."

Which leads us to the ever-brilliant Helen Mirren. The actress, legend, and queen that is Dame Mirren isn't afraid to let the world know what she makes of Hollywood's ridiculous double standards. She'll never praise the industry for its ?fu*king brutal? ageist attitude, and here she presents her amazing life lessons as a self-confessed, empowered "nasty woman."Mirren was?one of eight powerful forces of the silver screen celebrated at ELLE's annual Women in Hollywood event?where she accepted her legend award and wanted to pass on her pearls of wisdom to women everywhere. Say the words loud, proud and stick them on your fridge for when you next need a boost:

1. ?Never drink alcohol unless you are celebrating something, upset on something, or if it's a day that ends with the letter ?Y?. And never drink when you are driving.?

2. ?There are no rules about love - I don't believe - but don't be in a rush to get married, honestly. I married Taylor [Hackford] much later in my life, and it's worked out just great. Give your partner the freedom and support to achieve their ambitions. Very important and that goes both ways, men, and women.?

3. ?At the blackjack table, always split aces, eights and nines. Believe me; it really improves the odds.?


4. ?Connect with friends daily. I don't mean on Facebook. Better to have three great friends than 300 friends on social media; friends you can really talk to.?

5. ?And finally, ignore anyone who judges the way you look, especially if he or she is someone anonymous miserable creep, lurking on the Internet or is a bloated, small headed dinosaur-y handed candidate for president.?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Helen Mirren for President.

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