5 Of The Best Things About Staying In During Winter

Winter brings about many things that give us joy during the colder season. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, a cold, crisp morning, the chance to wear fluffy PJs at 4 pm guilt-free; the list goes on. If, like this writer, you're more inclined to favour staying indoors until you see the sun (at least for some of the winter season), prepare to feel better. There are many pluses to opting for more time in your beloved home, and it doesn't mean your health has to take a dive either - you can even do workout sessions from home to keep fit. Naturally, we all love a great day out (often little?beats it), but if you intend to stay in while it's cold outside, here are five of the best things about it:

You Get To Catch Up With Family


We're all so busy with our quite relentlessly scheduled lives that often, spending frequent time with our immediate family can go on the back burner, despite our efforts to the prevent this. Yes, we all have many busy hours to fill during the day, but we should always aim for a decent work/life balance - easier said than done at times. Spending an extra evening (or two) indoors during the winter season gives us a few hours to catch up with our nearest and dearest and reminds us that home is where the heart is.

Extra Appreciation For The Little Things?



Often, there's nothing bigger than the little things. Your favourite meal,'delicious?hot drink or simply an hour playing with your fluffy pet; in years to come, it is the little things that you'll remember just as much as the bigger moments in life, so take some time to enjoy them. It's only when you get a chance to stop after a busy day that these 'may become apparent to you. We've also compiled a list of 20 little things that you could do to lift your day if you need some inspiration. See them here.

You Have An Excuse For Film/TV Binge-Fests (Within Reason)


Never do we love Netflix more than when we plan a cosy night in. We can binge-watch any TV show to our hearts content without fear of judgement from the outside world. From watching Alicia Florrick kick ass in the courtroom to our favourite Christmas film (no way is it too early), sometimes that evening of thinking about no more than what is happening on the screen in front of you is the best thing ever. Too much of this is unhealthy, though, so everything in moderation is the best mantra here. A few hours will do absolutely no harm, but remember to kick start that 20-minute afternoon run/yoga class the next day to ensure you're keeping some essential healthy elements thrown into your daily routine.

Keeping Cosy?During Winter?Is The Best Thing Ever?

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 21.17.18


Cosy socks. Extra-fluffy PJs. Amazing slippers and Christmas coffee (or something a bit stronger). Each is as warm and comforting as the other and they are what a chilly winter's night in was made for. Yes, you can wear all these at once while in the comfort of your home, but we recommend wearing real clothes while going to work, despite the temptation to make your dressing gown a part of your office ?uniform? (don't worry, we've all been there). Also, here are the 10 (cosy) things you'll need for that ultimate ?night in.

You Get To Have Some Much Needed R&R

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 21.20.04

Annnnnd relax. Often many of us simply want a few hours in to shake off the stress of the day. We all need some down time; so put your feet up and enjoy it before the next cycle starts again.

It's never the best thing to stay within your own four walls?all the time of course, but a few of these evenings here and there could be just what you need to restore your equilibrium. Enjoy your day (or night) in. You deserve it.

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