5 Of The Best Places For Ice-Cream After Work

This glorious sunshine means an absolute must is a good ice-cream and because the warm weather is scarce, why not indulge in as much creamy deliciousness as possible before the day is out? Scroll down for five of our favourite spots and go and grab a scoop while it's still hot:



Murphy's is undoubtedly Irish ice cream at its best. With spots in Dublin, Killarney, and Dingle, their range of must-try flavours - caramelised brown bread, sea salt and saucy chocolate cookie, anyone? - will keep you coming back until you've had your fill. ?The ice-cream is of the highest quality and with so many tasty combinations on offer, even the most eccentric of palates will be catered?for.



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If there was an ice-cream heaven, Gino's on Grafton Street would be right up there. As well as their flavours of choice - some of us are partial to their Ferrero Rocher and Toblerone cones - they also have a range of crepes and waffles, and even if you think you're not hungry, the smell of Nutella as you walk past the store will tempt you inside.



This Italian-style ice cream parlour on O'Connell Street will make you feel like you're on holidays and their pistachio, and Crunchie flavours are out-of-this-world amazing. Also, don't leave without tasting their incredible macaroons.




If you happen to be in?Dun Laoghaire of a beautiful evening, you simply must not leave without a visit to?Scrumdiddly's because if you've ever imagined it on an ice-cream, they'll do it here with their impossibly large topping selection.



A walk on Dun Laoghaire Pier and a Teddy's ice-cream have been synonymous for decades (though they also have a shop in Bray). The shop is a no-frills setup but their classic vanilla whip cone topped with a Flake is now legendary thanks to a tried-and-tested formula they've been using for over 60 years.

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