5 Must-See Films To Watch This Autumn

For film buffs, it's never too early to talk award season (because it's coming to that part of the year already) and for those that enjoy a good flick without the fanfare, the best movies are saved for the autumn season. Below are five films that'should be watched by all.?


Directed by Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and written by Zero Dark Thirty screenwriter Mark Boal?Detroit is an exploration of Detroit's 1967 12th street riot or Algiers Motel incident and stars John Boygea, Will Poulter and Anthony Mackie. The film has been praised for its writing and direction but has been rather under-the-radar considering Bigelow's track record - her previous two films have been big award winners. but as ever, this looks to be another excellent offering from?the renowned director.

Out now



Mother! is the film that Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky doesn't want you to know anything about. The film has been shrouded in secrecy save for sparse details about the film which centres on a couple whose tranquil existence?is disrupted when uninvited guest descend on their home. The cast is stellar from Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer and come the third act, you won't quite believe what you're watching.


Blade Runner 2049

The long-awaited sequel to Blade Runner is upon us and while we can already predict it won't be a patch on the brilliance that is the original, it will be exciting to see where Arrival director Dennis Villeneuve takes the saga. The film remains set in a dystopian future where Ryan Gosling teams up with Harrison Ford. We so hope that it's a decent offering.

Out October 6th

The Killing of a Sacred Deer


Colin Farrell, Dunkirk's Barry Keoghan and Nicole Kidman star in this must-see film psychological horror from the director of The Lobster. Farrell plays a prominent surgeon who strikes up a close friendship with a mysterious teenager (Keoghan) but it's not long before events take a sinister turn. This is going to be so, so good.

Out November 17th

Battle of the Sexes

Fresh off her success from last year's La La Land, Emma Stone takes the lead in Battle of the Sexes, based on the iconic Battle of the Sexes tennis match that took place between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carrell), which became the most-watched televised sports event of all time.??The vintage clothes alone will make this worth the watch but the pre-awards buzz has started already.

Out November 24th

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