Five Irish co-working spaces to enhance your productivity

There are plenty of benefits of co-working spaces, especially for self-employed creatives. Co-working staves off the loneliness of constantly working from home, not to mention the inevitable food-related procrastination with having your own kitchen nearby,  full of suddenly inspiring ingredients.

According to a survey by Officevibe last year, 68% of entrepreneurs said they could focus better while co-working, 60% said they were more relaxed at home since they began co-working and a whopping 90% reported that they felt more confident.

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Co-working adds a necessary structure to your day, enabling you not only to have a healthier, more sociable lifestyle but also improve your ability to work to deadlines. But finding a co-working space that inspires and motivates you can be difficult. We round up some of the nicest spots to rest your laptop on around the country.

Iconic Offices, Dublin


With co-working spaces all over the capital, Iconic Offices a colourful and creative co-working space for start-ups and individuals alike. Featured above is their Brickhouse office on Mount Street Lower, and its stylish interior is the work of Kingston Lafferty Design.

WestWorks, Galway

This recently opened co-working space is right bang in the middle of Galway’s bustling West End. This small space seats just 15 people so it’s ideal for those who can’t handle too much noise but doesn’t want to work alone either.

Tara Buildings, Dublin


This place on Dublin’s Tara Street is usually brimming with creatives. The co-working space in entirely open with no assigned seats to encourage conversations and ideas. And the rooftop garden is just an added bonus.

Glandore, Belfast

With two locations on the same street, Glandore’s Arthur House and Arthur Place have both been recently renovated into gorgeous offices with private rooms as well as public spaces. The above is from Arthur’s Place, designed by Scott Tallon Walker.

The Building Block, Sligo


Right in the middle of Sligo town overlooking the river is the blue-hued Build Block. This huge space lends itself to everything from hot-desking to private meetings and large events.

Featured image: Iconic Offices, designed by Kingston Lafferty Design 

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