5 Irish childrenswear designers that should be on your Christmas list

If your goal this Christmas is to buy Irish, why not start with the little ones in the house with these Irish childrenswear designers.

Irish design is a massive love of ours at IMAGE — what could be better than homegrown talent creating a new aesthetic right here on our doorstep? And while we love to buy Irish and create a capsule wardrobe full of Irish-born pieces, we also know we can't hold it all to ourselves — the little ones in our lives deserve some too.

Irish childrenswear is experiencing an upsurge in recent years, with many homegrown small businesses beginning to make waves across the country and internationally. An Etsy shop or Instagram storefront can quickly turn viral overnight and through word of mouth (which is what us Irish do best), these tot-themed designs can flourish. In Ireland, we're lucky to have access to so many local materials, with Irish linen and wool of incredible quality, and traditional designs that make for the best baby pictures.

While great Irish childrenswear can be found in some suppliers on the high street, like KID Store in the Powerscourt Centre, most are online-based, which means ease for both the customer and the designer. There are so many great Irish kids' designers, but here are five of our favourites.


The Stork Box

Irish lifestyle brand The Stork Box is famed for its gorgeous gifts for newborns, and its line of children's clothing is equally as beautiful. Parents on a budget will be happy to hear of their new Grow line too — in response to news that parents spend on average €243 on clothing in the first month of a new baby's life, and an average of €76.50 a month thereafter, the Grow line of clothing aims to tackle the issue of rapidly growing tots. Adjustable arm and leg lengths in their tops and leggings, as well as an expandable waistline, means parents can use a piece for much longer.

Farmyard the Label

Since becoming a mother in 2017, designer and founder of Farmyard Emma Hales was able to put pen to paper and begin designing a range of childrenswear that her own babies could be proud of. Farmyard pieces are described as "heirloom clothing", designed to be worn and handed down through the generations — which explains the timeless charm of their designs, like this 100% natural linen shirt. Available for ages 6-12 months to 3-4 years.



Image via Facebook

If a little girl in your life is looking for a new look, LinzyO is the perfect place. For newborns all the way up to aged 10, every piece is handmade and designed by founder Linzy O’ Sullivan herself. And to make it more fun for you and your little one, many of Linzy's dresses have a matching ragdoll in the exact same dress — making dress-up time a decidedly cuter affair.

Rain + Conker


Image via Facebook

Apart from having the most perfect name for a childrenswear line, Rain + Conker also boast some gorgeous pieces for newborns to four-year-olds. Babygro's, bibs, t-shirts and leggings are all lovely options, but the stars of the show are definitely their little moccasins and t-bar leather shoes. Available online and from KIDS Store in the Powerscourt Centre (and on their online store too).

Slugs & Snails

Image via Facebook

Perfect for gifts for active kids, Slugs & Snails are Irish-designed tights in all shapes and sizes. Made from organic cotton that is both soft and durable, designs include robots, dinosaurs, flowers and fruits so there's definitely an option for every interest — and as each piece is gender-neutral, there's no reason to pick and choose.

Featured image: The Stork Box

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