5 Hidden GEMS On Netflix You Must Binge-Watch

It's a strange phenomenon that, despite the fact we now spend an average of 79% of all social interactions recommending our current binge to each other, somehow when it comes down to picking what to watch on Netflix we can still never find anything.

Often myself and The Man could waste an entire evening's TV time on the 'What'll We Watch?' debate. Deeply irritating. We now have too much choice it seems?and every week there's a new must-see series landing but we thought we'd dig a little deeper and find some of the secret gems tucked away on Netflix. So bookmark this?page and call it up the next time you're looking?for a new series.


If you love: The Office and Parks and Recreation


What is it?

Set in Australia's (fictional)?National?Building Authority, this workplace satire is genuinely one of the best observed we've seen. Watch it if you miss The Office and have gorged on Leslie Knopp et al.

Happy Valley

If you love:?Broadchurch and Luther

What is it?

Happy Valley is a pitch dark BBC crime drama transplanted to Netflix, that centres around a West Yorkshire police'sergeant (played brilliantly?by Sarah Lancashire) who is pursuing her daughter's rapist and trying to battle the fallout from that same daughter's suicide. Catch up with this drama before the third season airs (hopefully!) sometime next year.


BoJack Horseman

If you love:?Entourage

What is it?

Will Arnett plays washed up TV has-been?Bojack Horseman in an alternative Hollywood where humans and talking animals skewer everything?from celebrity culture to drug abuse to the film industry. This series particularly hit its stride in the latter half of the first series, while the third series is described on Rotten Tomatoes as "one of the funniest and most heartbreaking shows on television".

Black Mirror


If you love: The Twilight Zone

What is it?

Black Mirror is nearly impossible to categorise,?each beautifully composed, cinematic episode is a standalone piece that takes place in a world unnervingly similar to our own and allows for some of the 'what ifs' that plague us currently to be brought to their sometimes amusing, sometimes terrifying conclusions.

"What is the impact of the obsessive use of social media?"

"How will genetic engineering affect human nature in the long run?"

Surveillance, virtual reality and how humans interact with technology are just some of the themes that creator Charlie Brooker covers in this ambitious series.


Lady Dynamite

If you love: Arrested Development?and the genius that is, standup comedian Maria Bamford

What is it?

Bamford plays herself in a?fictionalised'version of her own life. The series follows Maria as she moves back to Los Angelos after a spell being treated for bi-polar disorder and attempts to rebuild her career. Lady Dynamite is truly one of the most unique sitcoms produced in recent years - a joy.

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