5 gentle YouTube workouts designed for the elderly, disabled or people with limited mobility

If you are struggling to find a workout that fits your unique circumstances, start with these gentle YouTube workouts

For those with underlying health conditions, finding an exercise routine that works for their body can be difficult. It is so important, no matter what your circumstances, to get moving every day. But many online workouts that focus on high intensity exercise can be intimidating to those who need something more gentle.

Don't let the onslaught of Instagram 'fitness' discourage you. Whether you are a bit older, have a disability or an underlying condition that affects your fitness levels, or are dealing with limited mobility for different reasons, there are lots of ways to stay active.

These five YouTube workouts are some of the best we've found, but it's all about finding a routine that works for you. Try to switch things up regularly to keep fitness interesting and motivating. Remember to prioritise your diet as well as fitness, and to eat right as much as possible. And as always, remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health, and practice a self-care routine that works for you too.


Note: Always consult your GP before making any drastic changes to your routine

Joe Wicks' 10 Minute Chair-Based Workout

Joe Wicks aka the Body Coach's YouTube videos have been a Godsend to millions during this year's lockdown. From kids missing out on P.E to parents who fancy upping their workout game, Wicks has a routine to suit everyone, including those who are limited in their options. This easy 10 minute chair workout is suitable for the elderly, those who have limited mobility in their legs, or those in a wheelchair. It's gentle enough to do every morning too.

HASfit's 30-minute Standing & Seated Exercise

What I really like about this workout is that it visualises your options for you - if you're feeling strong enough to do a standing workout, follow the man on the right. If you need to remain seated, follow Claudia on the left. There are always ways to adapt a workout to suit your limits - if you find a video that you love, but that is too strenuous, explore some ways to make some steps easier.


Tom Merrick's 15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine

Improving flexibility can make an immense difference in your day-to-day quality of life. If you can incorporate some kind of stretching and mobility-improving movement into your exercise routine, it can help your physical health in so many ways. Again, this is a routine that can easily be modified to suit your needs. Just stretch as far as you can along with Tom (without overextending or hurting yourself) and see how you improve over the coming weeks.

Caroline Jordan's Chair Cardio for Fat Loss

Admittedly, Caroline Jordan's high energy might not suit everyone, but there's no denying that her chair-based cardio routine is a great one. Getting your cardio in can be really hard when you can't pump your legs and arms, but there are ways to get your heart rate up while seated, as she demonstrates. Hearing her encouragement throughout the video can be a great aid to your mental health while exercising too.

KymNonStop's Seated Ab & Arm Workout


Strengthening your core is a brilliant way to aid your spine and lower back if you tend to have problems with those areas. This workout is a little more intense than some others, but if you can manage to follow along, your entire body will thank you for it.


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