5 Body Language Tips for Career Success

The August issue of IMAGE Magazine is all about how to get ahead at work while still having a life - from how to dress to the secrets of successful women to getting yourself out of that work rut.

Here we round up the top five body language tips to boost your working life.


1. Be Aware of Your Deportment

Start each day by aligning you body. Take time to breathe deeply, stretch, roll back in your shoulders, and look up. Not only will this loosen up back taught muscles but it will also help to relieve'stress.



2. Get Connected with and Pay Attention to Your Body

Throughout the day get into the habit of assessing your posture. Analyse how you are carrying yourself. Think about which muscles you're over-relying on and re-adjust yourself. Some of the world's most successful women set an alarm every hour to remind them to think about their body position and it also helps to refocus the mind.


3. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact immediately exudes a message of confidence and has been scientifically proven to persuade people. It also is more effective in increasing respect than a strong handshake.

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4. Smile

Studies have shown that negative facial expressions send a signal to your brain that what you're doing is difficult. Your body responds by releasing cortisol, which raises stress levels. So take the time to smile, even when your don't feel to much up to it.

5. Do Amy Cuddy's Two-Minute Challenge

Allow your body?to configure your brain to cope the best in any situation. Find a private space and take up a power pose for two minutes. This will automatically increase your testosterone levels (the power hormone) and reduce your stress hormones. A more effective way of giving you confidence before that meeting than skim-reading your notes.

Check out her TED Talk on the topic:



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