5 Baking Instagram Accounts To Follow

As The Great British Bake Off kicks off tonight on the beloved Beeb, we look at five Instagram accounts that are the perfect accompaniment for when you take a moment to scroll through your feed during Bake Off season.

Ruby Tandoh, Bake Off Class of 2013, doesn't Instagram often, but when she does it's no-bullshit baking. Rather like this amazing young woman herself, who came out on Twitter, battled an eating disorder in her day, and got herself a food column gig with The Guardian.

always express your innermost in doughnut form.

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Sex and the City left behind many legacies: spending your dentistry money on shoes, that vibrator, meeting the gals for brunch and secretly judging their life choices, and of course, Magnolia Bakery. Remember when Carrie and Miranda got cupcakes and chatted about Aidan? Well, they gabbed outside, you guessed it, Magnolia Bakery. Follow this exists-in-real-life joint's Insta for some seriously US of A cookie ice cream sandwiches, all the red velvet your cycle can crave, and cupcakes.


Sometimes you've just got to walk three ice cream sandwiches down the street to cool off #icecreamselfie #magnoliabakery

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For some people, baking is therapy. For French chocolatier superstars like Pierre Herm?, it's art. Just look at this decadence and then feel as if every other aspect of your life is a deflated cake.

Nigella will never not be on this list. Sending all our love to this beautiful pavlova.

Midweek treat: #recipeoftheday is Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova For the recipe, go to my website: see profile

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If Carey Nershi's Instagram account will make you feel anything, besides hunger, it's crockery envy. Her selection of pans and cake slice things will make you damn IKEA to the back of the press. Utensils queen.

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