4th Of July Cocktail

Having spent the real 4th of July in a low key kind way, we're looking forward to a sunny 4th of July-ish themed BBQ this weekend. The drink of choice??How about this Raspberry Mule concocted by the Smirnoff mixologists? It's a twist on the classic cocktail containing vodka mixed with tangy ginger beer, juicy raspberries and stem ginger. Yum...

Here's how to make it:

Raspberry Mule (1.5 Units)

40ml of Smirnoff Vodka
120ml of ginger beer
6 raspberries
2 thin slices of ginger stem
2 wedges of lime


Muddle the lime, raspberries and ginger in the bottom of the glass. Add cubed ice Smirnoff and ginger beer before stirring and mixing well. Garnish wih fresh mint.


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