40 Questions With Roisin Agnew, Journalist

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, IMAGE magazine has decided to spotlight 40 amazing women under 40. Here we talk to one of the inspirational women who made the cut, Roisin Agnew. Agnew's name might be familiar to committed IMAGE.ie fans. This young talent wrote for us a couple of moons ago before establishing her own publication, the confessional writing magazine Guts. Besides featuring some of the most lacerating and exciting young writers this country produces, Guts is collecting industry award nominations like a nineties kid collected pogs. Roisin manages all this while also writing for The Irish Times and Lonely Planet.

In light of this long list of accomplishments, we decided to ask Roisin 40 questions about her likes, dislikes, life's lessons she's had to endure, and her dream sandwich.

Social media channel of choice?
Instagram, although I'm not big on it.

Your YouTube comfort food?
Weird animal stories and sharks videos.

#SquadGoals / three people you'd invite to a dinner party.
Patti Smith, Edna St Vincent Millay, and Amy Schumer.


Who is top of your PMS playlist?
Phil Collins or Grimes.

If Ireland still had its own currency, which woman would you put on the tenner?
Countess Markievicz.

lena dunham

Your Internet heroine is?
Probably Lena Dunham.

And your IRL heroine is?
Una Mullally is pretty okay.

The movie you always rewatch.
Y Tu Mama Tambien.

The book you always gift.
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.


The most annoying quality in people?

And the best?

Which designer do you wish appointed you his/her muse and gave you a free wardrobe?
Alexander McQueen.

For some reason, you're Enda Kenny for a day with a majority in the D?il. What law do you pass?
Repeal the 8th.

What makes you proud to be an Irish woman?
Waking the Feminists made me proud and the amount of eccentricity Irish women seem to be capable of.

And what makes you angry?
Dublin's relationship to communal space.

Hot drink of choice?
Americano with milk and two sugars.



Favourite bar?
Grogans followed by Mulligans.

Advice you wish someone gave you five years ago?
Being dissatisfied means you work harder and get things done faster so it's not all bad.

And the advice you'll give anyone who will listen?
If you're not happy in a job quit it.

You can holiday anywhere you want. To where should we charter the plane?

Ideal way to while away a weekend?
Themed costume party on the beach in warm weather with a lot of dancing.

Where would you time travel to and why?
The 70s because you could experiment without knowing the consequences.


Favourite thing about yourself?
I can be funny.

Your mantra?

Can you recall a life-changing event?
Getting into Columbia School of Journalism. I never went, it was too expensive, but it made me feel like I was worth something.

Your make-up item/weapon of choice?
Black Kohl eye pencil.

You're on our 40 under 40 list, which means you're a hardworking gal. How do you balance the task list with keeping sane?
I don't and it's a problem.


Most treasured item of clothing/accessory?
Syrian earrings I made my dad buy me when I was 18.


Give a shout-out to an under-rated woman you know.
My friend Millie Egan who is a truly eccentric and brilliant woman.

Are New Year's resolutions the devil?
I love resolutions, it means there's still hope no matter how awful you've been.

Any goals for 2016?
Succeed at writing some fiction that doesn't make me despair about my abilities.

Dream sandwich?
Foccacia bread with good quality mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

We're putting an antique revolver to your head. Tell us your spirit animal.

Go-to internet bookmarks?
The Guardian and Ryanair. I'm constantly hoping to get away.

Your best adventure?
Running away from my friend Carlo through a wood in Tuscany.


Any regrets yet?

Best thing to happen to you this year?
Don't know. Best thing this month was getting Guts nominated for two indie magazine awards in the UK.

Your ultimate wool jumper is which colour?
Aran jumper creamy-wool.

How did you get over a major setback?
Worked harder than I had before.

Where do you want to be when you're 40?
In my own real-life Woody Allen movie set in New York.

To read more about Roisin Agnew and the other 39 Irish women we think you should know, check out IMAGE's December issue, on shelves right now.

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