40 Questions With Karen Sheridan, Singer And Songwriter

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, IMAGE magazine has decided to spotlight 40 amazing women under 40. We've already chatted to publishing firecracker Roisin Agnew,?and today we're taking some time to acquaint you with Karen Sheridan, the 28-year-old acclaimed singer-songwriter who works with producer Conal Herron on the music project Slow Skies.

As part of Slow Skies, Karen has seen her vocals attract endless plaudits?thanks to a string of EP releases, with one of her songs appearing on American television show Ravenswood. She has spent the last year working on pieces that will feature on her upcoming album. Expect to want to hear from Karen in 2016. Buy her EPs here?and listen to Slow Skies on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Social media channel of choice?

Your YouTube comfort food?
Crisp sambo.

#SquadGoals?/ three people you'd invite to a dinner party.
Lena Dunham, Panti and Marina Carr.


Who is top of your PMS playlist?
Michael Bolton.

If Ireland still had its own currency, which woman would you put on the tenner?
My mom.

Your Internet heroine is?
Leandra Medine.

And your IRL heroine is?
My mom.

The movie you always'rewatch?
Under the Skin and The Land Before Time.

The book you always gift?
Pocket book of meditation

The'most annoying quality in people?


And the best?

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 19:  Models walk the runway at the Simone Rocha show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016/17 on September 19, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images) Simone Rocha's most recent LFW show

Which designer do you wish appointed you his/her muse and gave you a free wardrobe?
Simone Rocha.

For some reason,?you're?Enda?Kenny for a day with a majority in the?D?il. What law do you pass?
I'd figure out a way to have a healthcare system similar to the NHS.

What makes you proud to be an Irish woman?
So many things... I'm pretty proud of the fact that all of my girl friends are such a laugh and don't take themselves too seriously, so probably that.

And what makes you angry?
Rude people.


Hot drink of choice?

Vintage Cocktail Club

Advice you wish someone gave you five years ago?
To always find the time to relax.

karen sheridan Photo: Katarzyna Kawecka

And the advice you'll give anyone who will listen?
Meditate or do something that helps you to slow down your brain.

You can holiday anywhere you want. To where should we charter the plane?


Ideal way to while away a weekend?
Reading, eating and drinking coffee.

Where would you time travel to and why?
When dinosaurs were around because I love "the land before time"

Favourite?thing about yourself?
My curiosity

Your mantra?
Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.

Can you recall a life-changing event?
When I moved to London and met my co-producer Conal!

Your make-up item/weapon of choice?
Touche ?clat.

You're on our 40 under 40?list, which means you're a hardworking gal. How do you balance the task list with keeping sane?
Exercise. I run a bit and do a lot of yoga.


Most treasured item of clothing/accessory?
My rings.

Give a shout-out to an under-rated woman you know.
Too many to mention but given the week that's in it, I have two incredible playwright friends Erica Murray and Cristin Kehoe. They are both so funny and exceptionally smart and hardworking. Erica's show in the fringe festival this year 'oh what a lovely rose' is honestly one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Are New Year's resolutions the devil?
No, but you do have to start small and be nice to yourself

Any goals for 2016?
Finish my album.

Dream sandwich?
Crisp sambo.

We're putting an antique revolver to your head. Tell us your spirit animal.


I usually find some music to get stuck into on blogs and Spotify, a lot of yoga websites and Man Repeller.

karen sheridan Photo: Dan Finnegan

Your best adventure?
Road tripping in Iceland three years ago in the summer time.

Any regrets yet?
Loads but I try not to dwell I just try to do/be better all the time.

Best thing to happen to you this year?
Starting a yoga teacher training course and playing a gig in a cave.

Your ultimate woolen jumper is which?colour?
Blue, I just bought it.


How did you get over a major setback?
I cried and then laughed

Where do you want to be when you're 40?
I'm not sure, but I want to have done a lot of different things.

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