4 Reasons Redheads Rule

Redheads, it's your time to shine. Turns out, you not only have gorgeous locks with a colouring that remains exotic to the majority of the world, you may well be genetically superior too. What's more, contrary to popular belief, redheads are not a dying breed. You're here to stay; ginger and proud. And successful too.

Vincent Larent, writing for Elevate Today, set out to pen a piece on the downsides of being born a redhead however upon delving a little deeper, came across a selection of studies that totally rubbish whatever negative preconceptions he had.

1. Most notably, redheads might be the superior choice for procreation. A'study done by the?Universit? de Bretagne-Sud, in France, showed that men are more likely to approach blondes, followed by brunettes, which would have left a sour taste in the mouths of female redheads. However, the reason for this, Larent writes, was not because they're found to be less attractive, but because they are found to be more attractive.

'They didn't approach them because of fear of rejection, assuming the redheaded women were more assertive and temperamental.'
As per the study, when the men were asked to explain why they veered away from red-headed women, they used terms such as 'sensuous' and 'promiscuous-seeming', which, we're lead to believe, are two strong signifiers of baby-making potential.

2. Redheads are not only keepers as as procreation is concerned, they're also 4 times more likely to become CEOs, as per a recent study, than their demographic research would suggest.

3. Larent also proposes that just because the redhead gene is a recessive gene, does not mean that it won't survive, as it's not a maladaptive condition. Redheads won't find it any harder to survive, in the grand scheme of things, but there are of course far fewer of them.


4. Lastly, a really interesting discovery on Larent's part, was that redheads are more able to withstand stinging and pressure pain than blondes or brunettes. They're such tough cookies, they're even hardwired to tolerate spicy foods better than the rest of us. And sometimes they require more anesthesia.

Who knew?

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