4 Reasons To Love October

I've been?heralding autumn as soon as August hit; practically waving leaf-like flags around in anticipation. Tis?a season that is colder, crisper and made for cosy nights in and that makes it a favourite time of year for many. October is when it really begins for me; that time of change and with it, many things to love and enjoy:

The Guilt-Free Binge Watching Of TV Box Sets

Female legs in knitted socks with cup of coffee

What is with the dose of guilt that comes with binging?on crap, invigorating made-for-TV movies during the summer months? Autumn's cool presence ensures that we can dust off our well-thumbed encasing of The Gilmore Girls and feel smug that we, with our wine and fluffy socks, are not only sheltered from the elements but practising LAGOM our new preferred form of wellness.

The Joy Of Blanket Scarf Season


It's not just officially winter, it's officially cold. As in I'd-rather-die-than-get-out-of-bed cold. Commuters are swaddled in padded jackets, blanket scarves?and hats and scarfs. It's proper wrap-up-warm-and-cover-most-of-your-face-weather, and thankfully, blanket scarves stylishly help us achieve this. This season, we're feeling the 'go full or go home' vibe; the bigger the better as they are chunky, cosy and hide a multitude of happily over-indulgent sins - we'll take ten. This Soft-Feel Scarf from Zara (above) €25.95



Ah, the one night of the year we can dress up and bring the costume fantasies we'd rather keep from the general public to life without mass judgment. It's almost time for Hocus Pocus on repeat (some of us won't even entertain the idea of a remake), and there's still time to plan how you won't convert to type and dress up as the Spanish drug lord from Narcos (still a contender for this year's easiest-to-assemble-costume), a killer clown from IT ( though they aren't even funny scary) or Uma Thurman's perfect Pulp Fiction trouser and white shirt combo.

Flavoured Hot Coffee?= Pure Happiness

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 2.46.58 p.m.


At this time of year, the world looks nicer, smells lovelier, and coffee even tastes better than it does any other time of the year (iced coffee? Just no). Some people scorn the premise of the flavoured drinks, specifically Starbuck's Pumpkin Spiced Lattes as "too hipster" etc but we're of the opinion that if something keeps you warm and fills you with that much happiness - as only the most comforting caffeine-infused flavours of pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg will do - you should indulge in many of them.

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