30 Signs You're Irish in 2015

We've read countless '10 signs you're Irish' kinda posts. But what are the signs that you're Irish in 2015? Below we round up some key signs you're with it in 2015, sure to recall the familiar for many a reader.

Which one relates mostly to you? Do tell.

1. Your weekends have become so packed with brunch dates you're now verging on brunch contempt. You long for the good auld days of a bowl of Corn Flakes and at best, a glass of Tropicana.

2. You can't do anything - be it a brunch date, referenced above, or getting a millimetre chopped off your hair - without giving it the full 360 on social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you'll probably add it to your Snapchat story too.

3. You no longer toy with the photo filters on your iPhone let alone on Instagram, you go straight for that super enhancing, tanning effect on Snapchat.


4. You cannot sit idle for one minute without checking your phone.

5. Because of said phone obsession and the corresponding Carpal Tunnel, you try to impose technological bans on yourself an hour before bed.

6. You meditate.

7. You google 'mindfulness'.

8. You're over juicing now and you've been there, done that as far as sweet potato fries or pulled pork are concerned.

9. You've been playing Tag Rugby for a few years now.

10. You will NOT be buying floral headbands to wear at this year's festivals.


11. In fact, you'll probably just wear jeans and runners to all festivals because you're over Sally Hansen leg spray and Urban Outfitters short shorts.

12. You keep pondering how mad it is that your old Nike Airmax are now back in fashion.

13. You're delighted that Asics aren't your only option anymore for comfortable shoes to walk to work in.

13. You used to loathe the idea of black runners; you now love them.

14. When you're in a taxi you no longer talk about the weather, you talk about the marriage equality referendum and you do so with gusto.

15. You can't believe it's been 15 years since the Millenium and you regularly work out how many years have passed since 9/11 (probably not Irish specific but still)

16. Spin 1038's Noughty Threesome baffles you; it seems like just yesterday that those songs were in the charts.


17. You've got a FitBit.

18. You've got an InStyler.

19. You own a pair of Culottes and you're big into midi length skirts.

20. You're feeling particularly patriotic on account of Ireland's Six Nations win. You refer to Ian Madigan as Mad Dog, like you know him.

21. You think Balayage is so 2014.

22. You know more about the Jenners now than you do the Kardashians.

23. In fact, you know more about the Jenners than you do Irish politics.


24. You make Dad-like jokes about how you'll have to start rationing the water, now that we're paying for it.

25. Your favourite app is the Parking Tag app. Who needs change in 2015?

26. You gorge on TLC's trash TV after a hard day's work.

27. You're no longer the Irish who go on holidays to Spain; you go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Copenhagen or you island hop off the coast of Croatia.

28. You follow several dogs on Instagram. You might have a profile for your own pet too.

29. You don't know why you forked out for an iPhone 6. Or an iPad.

30. You don't go for tapas; you go for japas.



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