3 Ways to Save Phone Battery at a Festival

Heading to Longitude this weekend? Sort out communications with this handy primer...

  • In low signal areas, your phone will try to find the network continuously, drastically increasing the speed at which your battery is drained. If you're not going to be using your phone for a while, switch it to Airplane mode.
  • Did you know that by disabling ?automatic time zones? you can reduce your phone's battery use by up to 30 per cent? Use the Battery Doctor app (iOS, free) before heading out to the music-filled fields and it will help you get the most of out your battery life and, crucially, show you what apps you should kill to squeeze that little bit of extra juice out of your smartphone.
  • Switch off push notifications on your email, and change how frequently your phone updates your messages by heading to settings > mail > fetch new data and enabling ?push off?. No need to have it checking for new messages every 15 minutes when you're sipping mojitos in the sun, right?

Nathalie Marquez Courtney @nathaliemc

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