Three things to do on Friday after voting

The debates are done, the canvassing completed and now, there's only one thing left to do - vote. You've probably spent the last few months thinking hard about what the issue of repealing the eighth amendment means to you and talked about it at length with most of your friends, co-workers and family members. It's been a long road, and it's okay to be tired. But once you cast your vote tomorrow, take some time for yourself and take the time to head to an event that focuses your brain elsewhere. Saturday will be filled with news on the results of the vote, and we'll be plunged again into the debate of repeal vs. retain. For the few hours of a lull on Friday, here are three things to do that will settle your mind after voting.


Morning: IMAGE Networking Breakfast - 'Beauty Powerhouses' at the Marker Hotel

If you're an early bird and will place your vote as soon as the polls open at 7am, head to the IMAGE Networking Breakfast at the Marker Hotel afterwards. An event that concentrates on showcasing successful women, this month's breakfast features Michelle Feeney, who has probably the most impressive beauty C.V in the world, Jennifer Rock, the go-to skin expert who has completely changed the way we view our skin, and Jenny McDermott, the mind behind cult hairdresser Peter Mark's marketing for 30 years. There are still tickets available, but you'll have to be quick - places are filling up fast.



Afternoon - Words Ireland @ ILFDublin: A National Day for Writers

The International Literature Festival Dublin is winding down for the end of an amazing run of events, but tomorrow will see one of the most interesting. A gathering for both professional and budding writers, the day will feature lectures, q+a's and conversations with some of our best-loved writers, to get an idea of how they balance their careers and become a success in the literary world. There are nine events running throughout the day, each 50 minutes long, and finishes with a Kinnegar Brewing reception at 5pm. The perfect way to wind down after an afternoon vote.


Evening - Life Festival at Belvedere House & Gardens, Westmeath


Head home after work, cast your vote and pack your bags for a weekend at Life festival. Sure, it might be last minute, but when you get to see Fatboy Slim, Armand Van Helden and Jeff Mills, it's worth the trip. It's madness that there are still tickets left for this weekend festival, so get some mates together and buy some tickets for some post-vote fun.

Whatever activity you have planned for tomorrow, the most important thing you do with your day is to vote. Make sure you have a valid I.D, know your polling station and have your journey planned.


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