Here Are 3 Things You Need To Watch This Weekend

A quiet, powerful love story with a twist, one of the genuinely decent superhero blockbusters and Netflix's The Defenders sees Sigourney Weaver back on our TV/streaming screens - yay!?


A Ghost Story, sees Casey Affleck (we know) come back to haunt his former lover Rooney Mara wearing everybody's favourite budget Halloween costume: a white sheet with cut-out holes for eyes. It's already been given much hype; David Lowery's follow-up to?Ain't Them Bodies Saints?promises to be a quietly intriguing, existential treat and something different amid a summer of noisy and tired blockbusters.


A Ghost Story is in cinemas now


Marvel's The Defenders

What do you get when assemble Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist together for the first time? A slick superhero-driven Netflix series that sees big-screen goddess Sigourney Weaver put her villain hat on. The Defenders was four years in the making and reception has been mixed in the US, but worth it to see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage kick ass side by side again? Definitely.

The Defenders is available to stream on Netflix now?



There have been way too many X-Men films at this point; the series has been doggedly overdone but all hail the original film for going back to basics. Brian Singer made a slick, thoroughly enjoyable action-packed summer blockbuster that Christopher Nolan would be proud of. Real-life BFF's Patrick Stewert and Ian McKellen are scene-stealers, proving that youth doesn't triumph skill or expertise on screen. Superhero films don't come much better; this is worth a late-night watch.

X-Men airs on Channel 4, Saturday 19th August at 11.50PM ??

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