3 Things You Need To Be Doing On Social Media In 2017

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Ahead of our Mentoring Workshop- Social Media Masterclass on January 19, Maryrose Lyons, founder of Brightspark Consulting tells us 3 things we need to be doing on our social platforms in 2017.?

  1. We are at the start of a very exciting phase in social, where it's less about churning out heaps of content, or engaging in the building of like empires, and more about being targeted at getting your messages out to a very fine tuned laser focused audience.?A lot of people have complained about Facebook in particular, and its algorithm which no longer shows organic (or non-paid) content to fans. ?I prefer to look at Facebook ads as an amazing opportunity to get my business and my clients? out to a very specific audience. Facebook has amassed the largest ever bank of psychographic and demographic information available to mankind, and we can play with this and use it to reach new people from as little as $5. There's nothing wrong with that!
  1. A lot has been said about video to date. If you're looking at updating your website in 2017, you've got to include video. If you're looking to get serious bang for your buck in social media in 2017, my advice now is to switch to video now before it's too late. The economics are there: video ads get more reach, cost less per click, and outperform all other types of ads on Facebook and Instagram. So why would you stick to image only? Zuckerberg himself came out in June 2016 talking up video. Facebook is seriously pushing its live video product. If 80% of content on social is going to be video by 2020, you seriously need to look at ways of getting on video in 2017 if you want to continue to ride the wave. If you're interested in making the switch, I did a post recently on the kit you will need to make your own video. A tiny investment in mics and some software and you're away.
  1. B2C (Business to Consumer) has seen the rise of the Influencer, and my bet is that we are going to start seeing influencer marketing move over to B2B in 2017. B2C is a faster adopter of digital developments, than business. But when the large scale enterprises of B2B get on board, that's when it goes massively mainstream. So start thinking about who is the influencer in your business world, and use the tools to cultivate relationships with them. To truly succeed at social media, you've got to be authentic. And that is why I've recently invested a lot of time and energy into creating Brightspark Academy, an online social media training course.

I truly believe that the time has come to take social media out of the typing pool! Back in the day, offices has typing pools who did the typing. Nowadays we all do our own. I really believe we are about to move to a stage where everybody is equipped with the basic skills and knowledge to do it themselves. I have I've recently been distilling all I know about social media into an online course, which is launching in January. I'm constantly being asked by people to help them with their social but it's not always easy for them to take the time out from running their business to take a course.?This convenient and accessible online course will help small businesses and marketing people to bring their social strategy and processes up to speed.

Want to get the full briefing on how to plan your social media in 2017? ?Join us and Maryrose Lyons for our Mentoring Workshop at The Merrion Hotel on Thursday, January 19 at 5.30pm.

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