3 reasons to love the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung's latest addition to the smartphone market finally offers something new for those of us who want a bit of arm candy in a phone. 

Not content with owning the TV game and camera game when it comes to smartphones, Samsung has only gone and released a high-tech and aesthetically pleasing pocket gadget.

The Galaxy Z Flip is a game changer in that it's the first-of-its-kind flip phone that folds right down the middle, bending the glass and screen in half.

Its eye-catching shiny exterior is enough to make you want to Instagram it, never mind Instagram with it. But that's been made easier too, with the tripod function allowing even the most novice content creator to film and snap hands-free.


Here's why we're loving it.

1. Fits in your pocket like a compact

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip fits neatly in your pocket when folded in half. Photo: Samsung

One of the most appealing features of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is that the foldable glass screen allows you to snap the phone shut. Not only does it bend into a never-before-seen shape, it also fits right in your pocket as easy as a compact mirror.

This is a function both men and women will love - no more bulky rectangles in jeans pockets for guys, and now women can easily fit their phones into their microbags without compromising their outfits.

When the phone is closed, the outer shell reveals a slick reflective glass exterior that comes in three colours: black, purple and gold.


2. Hands-free content creation 

Make-up artist Lisa Shannon touches up her eyeshadow using the dual screen on the Samsung Galazy Z Flip. Photo: Barry McCall. 

In a first-of-its-kind design feature, Samsung has created a dual screen where, when open in an L shape, the bottom half of the Galaxy Z Flip can be used as a 'tripod' so the top half of the screen can be used for camera functions.

This ingenious feature allows for a hands-free video and photo function - ideal for these self-isolation days we currently find ourselves in where video calls are our only lifeline to friends and family.

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The dual-lens 12-megapixel camera shoots 2k video, single-take photo options, and has a panorama-style function where you can fit extra objects or people into view even if they're not in the wide-shot angle by simply moving the phone from side to side.

And going back to the compact idea, it's easy to touch up your make-up using the selfie-function while you can simply place the phone on a flat surface.

3. Privacy

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a discreet screen on the front which shows small notifications even when shut. Photo: Samsung

We've all been there, a text notification flashes up on your screen and someone you didn't want to see it has read it. It happened to me with a particularly risqué text message I sent my boyfriend just as he handed his aunt his phone. Needless to say we've never lived it down.

So if you don't want to be known as that girlfriend of the favourite nephew, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's 'ticker' feature when folded shut is a lifesaver.


A screen of 1.1-inch shows you who's calling and basic notifications - no embarrassing texts - even when the phone is folded.

This discreet screen also shows the time.

There is also a camera on the outer shell that does work in selfie mode if you wish to be indiscreet about your selfies too!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available to buy in Ireland from March 27 from Three Ireland and the Samsung e-store.

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