3 Female-Centric Comedy Shows

Why television's Broad City, Jane the Virgin and Sharon Horgan's Catastrophe deserve your consideration.

Forget Girls, there's only so many 'shocking' sex scenes we cannot roll our eyes at. We can't tolerate any more plotlines involving Lena Dunham's Hannah Horvath being a dose of human being. The HBO show has become such a cultural behemoth?that feminist site Jezebel has even dedicated a series blog to not watching Girls.?Shake up your television watching schedule with the three female-centric comedy shows that will actually make you laugh.

First up, Jane the Virgin. We have nothing but incredible love for this crazy telenovella-esque show that is stealing hearts in the US at the moment. Leading lady Gina Rodriguez won a Golden Globe earlier this month for her portrayal of young woman living and working in Miami, while trying to qualify as a teacher. She's also saving herself for marriage and dating a very attractive police detective. A routine smear test goes awry when she is artificially inseminated with the sperm of her employer, a very hot and married playboy hotel owner. All the drama and screwball comedy ensues.

This Comedy Central show about women in their twenties navigating life in New York city might share a synopsis with Girls, but Broad City is a fiercer show with more slapstick, two likeable characters, and more laughing out loud as oppose to cringing inside moments.

The show is in its second season at the moment. This is good because you'll easily be able to catch up with lead characters Ilana and Abbi. This is also bad news because you only have two series to binge on. In this clip they equate hooking up to Amelia Earhart's career.


Irish comedian and the hilarious brains behind Pulling, Sharon Horgan and Twitter celebrity Rob Delaney starring opposite each other in a Channel Four sitcom about a coping with an unexpected pregnancy? Sign us up. Catastrophe's first series isn't even finished and already it's being hailed at the comedy of the year, in January no less. The romantic comedy sitcom is a difficult premise to get right, but Catastrophe might be the show to help us forget what a crock How I Met Your Mother became.

Here's a scene of the two disastrous lovebirds-that-just-might-make-it the morning after the night before.

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