3 Edible Pay-Day Pleasures

It's pay-day weekend. You've spent the day at your desk (in between getting your work 'done?) buying, frankly ridiculous, items of clothing online. Half your wages are now gone. Yet you still think you're a mo? money millionaire ...

Over the weekend, you will bestow an embarrassment of riches, in your best new britches, on the tills of the city's finest restaurants, bars and clubs. From streets South William to Aungier, we'll hear that ding-a-ling-a-ling of bling, bling, bling and ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching ...

And so we should, sham flushness like this comes around but once a month. So how do you want to treat yourself? Whatever way you want to, of course, but as a mere pointer, here are three suggestions of ways to win with food this wealthy weekend ?


1. Did someone order Champagne? Of course they did! And a magnum of the 1916 Riesling - tiochfaidh ?r l?-di-d?, dahlings! Brunch and cure yourself slickly at exceedingly well-heeled brunch spot, Cleaver East. Begin, cautiously, with a substantial Sunday roast burger - comprising 32-day aged, ground roast sirloin, on a lightly-toasted brioche bun slathered in onion mayo? and a side of loaded truffle mash. Consume more bubbly things. Finish as you began, on a high, with the Cleaver East dessert burger: vanilla ice cream, chocolate rice krispies and caramel sauce. cleavereast.ie



2. Lunch like a legend at the new Northside darling, Mr Fox, on Parnell Square. You won't break the bank (two courses €21.95 / three €26.95) but you will feel mightily moneyed as a result of the deliciousness on offer. Begin with a deer (expensive, innit?) tartare, with Jerusalem artichoke and red currants. Continue, decadently, with lamb neck, Chantenay carrots, charred Roscoff pink onions, ricotta and olives. Add a glass of Douro Crasto Tinto (2014) to swirl, ostentatiously, pinky perched. mrfox.ie


3. Deep dive into dinner with your deep pockets at Urchin, in Dublin 2. The latest small plates offering in the city is a bright, beachy den tucked away beneath Cliff Townhouse on the Green. Expect bijou, yet ritzy, dishes (at €6 a pop) such as well off, fresh-made duck liver parfait choux buns dipped in salt caramel; minted, marinated scallops; and prosperous pork with yoghurt and mint. Cash-rich cocktails are also a must here, the lychee number is worth a bundle. theclifftownhouse.com

Money. Well. Spent.


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