25 Quirky Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

There are plenty of things that will matter most to you about your wedding day - the food, the music, the atmosphere, ensuring that your guests are all having a great time. But if you're choosing not to get married in one of Ireland's many beautiful churches, it can be hard to make that initial breathtaking impact that a church's architecture and windows can offer. However, that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice all the opening drama of the ceremony aesthetic. A ceremony backdrop sets the scene for the rest of the day, whether it be a relaxed vibe or romantic decadence, and will likely be where most of your photographs will be taken as a newly married couple. If your?ceremony and reception is in the same place, it can double up as a sweet photo booth area where guests can take selfies and they'll never look back and wonder whose wedding they were at.

While we do like the gnarly looking branch draped in a soft fabric and awash with flowers and elegant touches, it's been done to death, one quick peruse of Pinterest will confirm that. But fear not, there are so many more options out there. Here we talk you through 5 unusual themes that can all be adjusted to fit your big day.


Tropical Greens

tropical 2


Keep it simple and just have a rough gathering of lush greenery in the background, with a white background to keep the look clean and fresh. Or why not let?the ceiling tell the story and hang leaves from the rafters to create a three-dimensional effect as guests enter the space?




Have a modern take on the traditional alter with these alternative options. Whether it be origami or minimal shelving, we are crushing hard for these graphic-inspired ideas.


Colour Pop



Take some inspiration for the Norweigan-style weddings that resemble home-spun kid's birthday parties. Make your own pompoms and paper flowers or get super creative and splash your wedding palette onto a large white sheet to hang up.


Pared Back

pared back

While there are tons of great ideas for backdrops, we are drawn to ones of simplicity. Let you and your partner be the centre of attention with simple ideas that make use of the ceremony space rather than cover it up. We really like the idea of twinkle lights falling down to make a puddle of light on the floor - what an amazing atmosphere that would make for an evening ceremony!





If you're planning an outdoors or rustic-inspired wedding but don't fancy the flower attack look we spoke about earlier, consider playing it simple with raw branches and candles, or even basing your floral display at ground level to keep the appearance quaint and mellow.


Which is your favourite? Sound off in the comments!

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