Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude photo, here is the online reaction

Captain America star Chris Evans caused a stir online yesterday when he appeared to leak an x-rated photo of himself on Instagram.

The actor shared a screen recording of his family playing Heads Up when the video flashed to an image of his camera roll. Although he quickly deleted the clip, users had screenshotted the image of a male's private part.

Evans has since taken to Twitter to address the leak saying, "Now that I have your attention... VOTE Nov 3rd!!!"



The reaction online has been mixed. Evans' brother, Scott and his Marvel co-star Mark Ruffalo both teased the slip-up with Ruffalo tweeting: "Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See... silver lining."




Even the Embassy of Ireland in the US weighed in by posting an image of Evans wearing an Aran jumper and writing, "So, based on our trends, we can only assume that Chris Evans has posted another wholesome Aran sweater pic, no?"


In an attempt to quieten the chat about the leak online, fans of the actor flooded social media with wholesome photos of Chris playing with puppies. Others pointed out that he has been vocal about his struggles with anxiety in the past and the public should be mindful of this.


However, some questioned the social media reaction and compared it to similar occurrences that have happened with female stars in the past. Actresses such as Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lawrence were ridiculed and chastised when nude photos were leaked without their consent.

Actress Kat Dennings wrote, "The public respect for Chris Evans’ privacy/feelings is wonderful. Wouldn’t it be nice if it extended to women when this kind of thing happens?"


Another Twitter user said: "Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude photo. Social media has rallied around him, sharing pics of him with dogs and kids...Nobody thinks his career is ruined. We need to give women this same love & respect."







The backlash for Evans has been very little and he seems to have dealt with it positively but those online are asking for the same respect and care to be given to women when nudes are leaked unintentionally and for an end to sexism in such incidences.


Hopefully, the level of understanding seen here can be applied in the future.

Image: Irish Embassy in Americaa Twitter Page

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