Your 2020 horoscope is here: an astrologist on what's coming for your starsign this year

Astrologer Stephanie Johnson has your guide to the year ahead.


Your profession, role as a parent or grandparent, marriage and any position held in society is highlighted early in the year. It is time for action. Set your goals and keep moving forward.



The line-up of planets prompts you to seek more adventure in 2020. Broaden your horizons with overseas travel, study, or sporting interests. You are being propelled out of your comfort zone.


The cycle of life is your year’s theme. You are well aware that “seasons come and seasons go”. A lunar eclipse on November 29 sparks a realisation of what needs to change.


Your focus in 2020 is well and truly on significant others in your life. A solar eclipse in your zodiac sign on June 21 highlights a significant event, person or “aha” moment.


New Year’s resolutions set an intention for the year. Leos need to set resolutions around lifestyle. You need to examine emotional needs, form good habits and healthy lifestyles.



Finances will be a concern to most people, but Virgos are likely to prosper simply because you can keep on doing what you have always been doing – living within your means.


Librans start the year with an action-packed home life, as the planets square off in Capricorn. It is time to get your household in order, if you haven’t already.


Neighbourhoods were once the hubs of social interaction. Nowadays, social media has taken a stronger hold. Nevertheless, Scorpios are likely to be focused on local affairs in 2020.



Sagittarians need to slow down after a busy 2019. However, there is still plenty of planetary action in 2020. It is time to consolidate on advances made recently.


You can move from strength to strength, boosting your health and happiness. January is a power-packed month with a lunar eclipse in your sign, which leads to a significant year.


Aquarians need to begin slowly, laying the ground work for projects that start up later in the year. Experiences early in the year, whether pleasant or unpleasant, eventually prove worthwhile.


Your long-term friendships play a positive role in your life right now. Groups and clubs may also be highlighted. It is time to set long-term goals and garner support.


Digital illustration by Laura Kenny. 

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