The Best of 2016 Diaries

The new year is almost upon us and many of you are already mentally spending your 2016 annual leave days - not to worry, we're also considering a long weekend away in April and whether?we can hold out for sun?until June!

With every new year there also comes the excitement and trepidation of... buying fresh stationery! Never mind attempting to make New Year's Eve plans that are bound to fall asunder or promising yourself you'll put down the Roses and cheese once you hit January 1st, stop pretending and get yourself some pretty paper instead to perk up your plans and make you feel like you've got everything under control.


There's nothing quite like a beautiful print or some funny quotes to make you neaten up your handwriting scrawl and want to make plans just so you can write them in. Here are our favourite 2016 organisers. Coffee on the 3rd before we all head back to work? Just let me just pencil you in...

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