2014 EMA Winners

Last night, there was a scarce a person whose eyes weren't glued to Love/Hate and The Fall that followed it, but there were other things going on, most notably the EMAs in Glasgow.

Back in the day, when MTV was the only music channel we had access to, when we relied on it as a foremost authority on what's cool and what's not in the world of entertainment (the internet hadn't yet arrived), the European Music Awards were something we'd plan to sit down to, something revered to behold. Remember back in 1997 when Ronan Keating hosted them right here on these Emerald shores? Yes, it was quite a big deal.

These days however, despite all the spectacle and performance, its somewhat lost its magic. One look at the winners list below will confirm that we're living in a world dominated by cheesy, albeit catchy pop songs, as one bubblegum pop outfit tries to outdo another. See One Direction Versus 5 Seconds of Summer for a true reflection on where we're at in terms of mainstream music.

Modern day diva Nicki Minaj was on hand with more wardrobe changes than we could keep up with to host (read: curse her way through) the entire evening.

Without further ado, here we take a look at the complete list of winners.


Best Song Ariana Grande, ?Problem? ft. Iggy Azalea

Best Pop One Direction

Best Female Ariana Grande

Best Male Justin Bieber Artist On The Rise 5 Seconds Of Summer

Best Live One Direction

Best New 5 Seconds Of Summer

Best Video Katy Perry, ?Dark Horse? ft. Juicy J


Best Rock Linkin Park

Best Alternative Thirty Seconds To Mars Best Hip Hop Nicki Minaj

Best Electronic Calvin Harris Best Song With A Message Beyonc?, ?Pretty Hurts? Biggest Fans One Direction

Best Look Katy Perry

Best PUSH 5 Seconds Of Summer

Best World Stage Enrique Iglesias

Worldwide Act Bibi Zhou


Global Icon Ozzy Osbourne

If the 21st century MTV fans are voting in their droves to see Harry Styles rip his shirt off or Justin Bieber throw a tantrum, can other reputable artists rely on these awards as a true accolade for a job well done?

Is Ariana Grande really the best female artist of the times we live in?

Share your thoughts below.


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