20 questions we'll be asking ourselves during our first post-Covid shopping trip

With the majority of shopping centres now open across Ireland, we can't wait to indulge in some retail therapy

Penneys, Zara, H&M — they're all back and waiting for us, and with the summer sales looming, we're ready to indulge in some retail therapy. But as much as we'd like to head in all guns blazing, it must be said that our summer sale shopping experience will be very different than usual.

Our internal monologues will have a field day upon our first visit to the shops this week, and we decided to jot down 20 of the burning questions we'll be asking ourselves.

  1. Does this face mask go with my outfit?
  2. Are heels too much to go to Penneys in? I haven't dressed up in 3 months.
  3. Will all the home workouts I've been doing have my biceps ready to carry the bags?
  4. Will all the yoga I've been doing help with the stress of it all?
  5. How long will I spend today actually shopping versus standing in a queue?
  6. Will all the fluffy socks be gone from Penneys?
  7. Will all the LBD's be gone from Zara?
  8. Can I use a basket, or will it just slow me down?
  9. Do I really need going-out tops, since there's absolutely no prospect of me going out anywhere?
  10. How much do I need a dinosaur onesie in 25 degree weather? Ah, I'll glad of it come winter.
  11. How am I supposed to plan an outfit when I can't try anything on?
  12. How many scented candles is too many?
  13. How will the girl at the till know I'm smiling at her behind this mask?
  14. How do I know if she's smiling back, or giving me a death stare?
  15. Which of these white floaty dresses will go best with the new garden furniture out the back?
  16. Where will I get some coffee to keep me going?
  17. How many times can I say 'this is mad isn't it?' to another customer before it gets annoying?
  18. Where's the best exit to use so that people don't see how many bags I have?
  19. How am I going to get all this home?
  20. When can I come out again?

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