18 floral backdrops (be inspired by our cover)

You may have noticed that the cover of our fresh new issue is adorned with a rather plush hydrangea backdrop, the kind that's straight out of any fancy gal's wedding daydream. Well, it's sort of gotten us hooked on the whole idea - what could be more fresh, flattering and fragrant that getting hitched in front of a wall of blooms? And there's a style for every taste... here are some of our faves, as cruised on Pinterest...

PLUSH PETALS?The most classic interpretation of the trend, this version of the floral backdrop is high class... and high budget.?Let us say this; it requires a lot of flowers.?Perfect for the princess bride, this is a?full-on fairytale fantasy.

plushAS SHE GROWS Emulating how blooms might sprout and meander in nature, this look is for the edgier bride, with a bohemian bent. You can best achieve this look by weaving a lot of foliage among the flowers, slashing costs quite delightfully, while you're at it.natural


MINIMALIST MURAL Though utilising'very little other than?flowers, the effect, here, is almost graphic in its simplicity. This is an easy one to attempt by yourself - but don't be fooled into thinking less flowers mean lower costs; each one is clearly visible, so needs to be darned near perfect.minimalist

STRUCTURAL SYMBIOSIS Rather than disguising their basic structures, these backdrops embrace shape and form, celebrating the beautiful contradictions they create. This is a super modern look, perfect for a city wedding or any space bright and airy.structure

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