17 Cute Ways to Soothe Your Soul

Beware the Reddit 'Aww' subsection; he or she who enters may never, ever leave. On the other hand, if you're in need of some cheering up, the following collection of videos that demand more viewing, famous animals on Instagram and recent additions to Reddit will surely soothe your soul. Interestingly, not only are they incredibly enjoyable to look at, various studies have confirmed that looking at cute animal pics while at work actually improves your productivity. According to a study at Hiroshima University, participants who had spent time looking at images of cute baby animals gave far more accurate answers when asked to look for double digits in a series of random'matrices?with numbers.?According to The Wire, "the scientists concluded that pictures of baby animals made the study participants more focused and more careful, "induced by the cuteness-triggered positive emotion.""

Without further ado...

If you have yet to follow Biddy The Hedgehog on Instagram, you need to. Here she is running around Pegleg Falls with a pal.


A mother's TLC just never gets old. Here's a baby hippo getting a loving kiss from his big momma. There's something in our eye!

This baby bunny rabbit is only 30 minutes old. Sweet baby Jesus, he's cute.

I miss those fun car rides with her.

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Have you met BuBu the chinchilla? Follow her on Insta @cute_bubu. She's very meta.


A bunch of korgies enjoy the view on pizza night.


Tag that person πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‡ A photo posted by Cute Baby Animals (@instababby) on

Those eyes!

Blink and you'll miss this rescue dog's miniature best friend.

This is cuttest fattest baby duck we've ever seen.


Here, a mother and son save a baby fawn. Now that's how to feel good about yourself.

Meet Maya, a bulldog on the move in Manhattan. Have you ever seen a dog so enthusiastic about its owner's penchant for dressing them up?

A bear cub playing with a wolf cub.

As described on Reddit Aww, 'cat has a slightly derpy face'. We've never seen a cat in real life look so like the cat that a toddler would draw.


Two dogs in one family meet for the first time. The caution, the gentleness and the intrigue; ouch!

What would you name him?

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We can't even... A teacup piglet who just hates plastic bags. Its name is Cupcake.

what are you lookin at? #pugaday #piratepugjack A photo posted by jack pug (@piratepugjack) on

It's always better when they struggle to keep their tongues in their mouths.

Hi there! πŸ°πŸƒ

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