1/3 of Tinder Users are Married

Call us old fashioned but we're largely anti-Tinder. For a start, as it's free, you're bound to run into several creeps. If you're looking for true and everlasting love, a free app used mostly for hook-ups might not be the way to go. In fairness to Tinder, they've never claimed to match you with your soulmate, it's more of a social thing than a match-making endeavour. When it comes to legitimate relationships, we've always been more drawn to apps that require a small fee, so you know the people who avail of it aren't merely scrolling past your pics for a roll in the hay (unless that's what you want, if so, Tinder all the way!). Now, further turning us off the app, we've learned that one-third of those who use it are actually married.

That's a pretty staggering chunk of users who are a) doing the dirt, b) browsing for a potential upgrade or c) they've only recently tied the knot and somewhere in the midst of all that planning, they simply 'forgot' to delete the app. There's also that small but real category of folk who somehow manage to maintain open relationships.

These findings come via a survey, carried out by the GlobalWebIndex in which 47,000 Tinder users the world over were interrogated about their profiles and their behaviours. 30% were already married while 12% on top of this 30 admitted to already being in relationships.

What this means, if you're a maths whizz, is that a paltry 54% of those who regularly use Tinder are actually single and ready to mingle. The rest, we assume, are taken but prepared for some heart breakin' (yes, that rhyme was the best we could do).


3% of those surveyed were classed among the divorced/widowed category that, again, is a figure we'd never have expected.

Not to hate on the app altogether, Tinder could well be a worthy consideration for those looking for men, given that 62% of the users are male while only 38% are female.


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