13 Colourful Engagement Rings For Bling With A Difference

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Supposedly, diamonds are a girl's best friend. But, if the recent rise in popularity of colourful engagement rings is anything to go by, they've got some stiff competition on their hands. Literally.

It could be the increasing desire among brides to own something unique or a shift in financial priorities (colourful gemstones are often more affordable than diamonds) but either way, it seems that traditional solitaire engagement rings are out and coloured stones are in.

For modern brides who may not subscribe to, nor suit, glitzy diamonds, colourful gemstones offer an alternative way to express your personality. It's also a great opportunity to pick a ring that's as unique as your relationship, while making a stunning fashion statement. Whether it's choosing a birthstone or incorporating a family heirloom, coloured engagement rings bring an additional element of individuality.


Feast your eyes on?our gallery of gorgeous gems to covet.


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