12 Teen Heartthrobs

So, who was it that stole your heart back in 19-0-splash?

Was it Seth Cohen from The OC, in all his geeky mid-noughties charm? Or were you too busy still swooning over Freddie Prinze Jr's turn in 1999's She's All That? Maybe you had posters of both on your wall. Now, we're wondering what our former crushes are up to now.

Below you'll find 12 dudes who had us hot under the collar as our respective journeys through puberty took centre stage..

1. Freddie Prinze Jr:

Who didn't have a crush on Freddie Prinze in the 90s?


Freddie Prinze Jr aged 23, melting out hearts as Zack in She's All That.

Now 39, the actor is still loved up with his sweetheart Sarah Michelle Gellar and he has just announced he will pen a cookbook in 2016. He still looks good to us!

2. Adam Brody:



His geeky charm as Seth Cohen in the OC won us over in the early noughties.

Now 35, he married Leighton Meester in February 2014. Aren't they cute?

3. Andrew Keegan:

Remember Joey from 10 things I hate about you? He was the self-absorbed model/rich kid/kind of bad guy.


Now 36, his latest role is as a sadistic and sociopathic killer in the film 'Living Amoung Us' which will be released this year.

4.Benjamin McKensie:

Ben had us all hot under the collar as Ryan in The OC in the early noughties.

Since 2014, Ben stars in the television series, Gotham.

5. Channing Tatum:


Those muscles, those moves. He caught all our attention in 2006 as Tyler Gage.

Now 34, Channing married his co-star from the film Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

6 James Franco

James Franco as the popular jock in Whatever It Takes in 2000.


Now 36, our former teen crush is now our man-crush.

7. Jesse Bradford

The ultimate 00's heartthrob. We crushed on him as the the hunky older brother in Bring It On in 2000.

Jesse is now 35 and is still acting, he has appeared on The West Wing and Guys With Kids.


8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

We may have had a picture of him on our wall after his appearance in Ten Things I Hate About You in 1999.

Our teen crush has gone from strength to strength with films such as 500 days of Summer and The Dark Knight Rises. He looks pretty good in a suit too.

9. Josh Hartnett


He caught our attention as cheeky Matt in 40 days and 40 Nights in 2002.

The 36 year old currently stars in the tv series Penny Dreadful which is filmed around Dublin.

10. Mark-Paul Gosselaar:

The very first crush, Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell.


We can't believe that he is 41 but he looks good to us!

11. Ryan Phillippe:

We had the biggest crush on Ryan Phillippe in the 90's, especially after his protrayal of suave rich kid Sebastion in cruel intentions, not to mention he had the face of an angel!

Still retaining his baby face at 40, we are still crushing!

12. Shane West:


We loved Shane West as the gorgeous Landon Carter in A Walk To Remember.

The hottie currently stars in the drama Salem as John Alden.






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