Wedding Favour Ideas To Delight And Charm Your Guests

Wedding favours are one of the most playful aspects of the endless planning that goes into the big day. They are perfect in that they can take any form the couple wishes; they can be done on a modest budget and kept extremely simple, or they can be foregone altogether. But it can be worth it to save some precious planning time for these little gifts, as they could be that extra touch that your guests remember. Take the DIY route and invest in small jars and fill them with fragrant tea leaves, or order chocolate coffee beans with personalised labels. You can choose to make your guests smile with fondness or cringe at the copious use of pun-related humour. The possibilities are endless, and you can tailor yours to suit your theme or personality.

Though wedding favours are a tradition onto themselves, they are becoming ever more popular and important; the perfect opportunity for a little creativity and fun. From cheeky ?love potion? bottles, to warm blankets and tiny jars of chocolate deliciousness, the bar has been set high for thoughtfulness, appearance and attention to detail. If the favours are well presented they can also add another element of decoration to your venue - a happy little bonus indeed!

To get the creativity flowing, here are a few novel ideas:


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A Paper Proposal

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Top Wedding Sites

Photo: Top Wedding Sites

Want That Wedding

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The Wessing Chicks

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By Aisling O'Grady

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