10 Ways To Ease Your Anxiety Today

1. Have your bloods checked by your GP to rule out thyroid issues, or any other hidden medical conditions that could be causing your anxiety.

2. Reduce your caffeine and sugar intake.

3. Refine your diet to ensure you're getting all of the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And avoid processed foods.

4. Adopt a daily exercise routine - a morning walk, a calming yoga class - whatever suits.

5. Begin to address the root cause of your anxiety, either by talking to a friend, or with the help of a therapist.


6. Get some headspace ? this brilliant mindfulness app for your phone gives guided meditation.

7. Improve your sleep space. ?No technology an hour before bed, and a calm, clean, cool environment.

8. Practise deep, slow breathing. It is not possible to have a panic attack when your breathing is slow and controlled.

9. Be nice to yourself: have a bath with lavender oil or go for a massage.

10. Write a diary. Just for you. This will help you to understand more about your anxiety - when it hits you, why it does, and how to move forward.

Read Caroline's account of how she got through 2014 and the major bout of anxiety that plagued her year.

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