10 unique engagement rings for those who want something different

Did you get engaged this year?

When it comes to engagement rings, not everyone goes the strictly traditional route. One of my best friends recently got engaged and she chose her ring for sentiment and because it was a ring perfectly suited to her personality - it was simple and beautiful and didn't cost the earth (which always helps!). The most eye-catching rings won't either. Because the fact that it's expensive (or not) shouldn't be a deal-breaker when making your choice.

It always comes down to personal taste and preference, but while you're deciding, why not consider a coloured stone, something in rose gold, or a ring that's been handmade?

We've picked out 10 alternative engagement gems for the bride who wants something different in the ring department.


Art Deco Diamond Eternity Ring, Antique Jewellery Company, €2,494

Raw Diamond Ring, Twig Engagement Ring, Etsy, €1,032


Ileana Makri 18-karat Rose Gold Diamond Eternity Ring, Net-A-Porter, €1,325


Solid Gold Crown of Love Classic Diamond, Chupi, €1,689

Vintage engagement ring, Etsy, €832

Sapphire diamond cluster, cobwebs.ie, €2,900


Handmade Lemon Quartz ring, SlowackJewelry, €1,027

Fancy Yellow Diamond Side Stone Ring, bespokediamonds.ie,€1,995

Loulerie Mixed Diamond Ring, €1,999


Solid Gold Queen of Hearts ring, Chupi, €3,879

Vintage Inspired Moonstone Ring, ShiriAvda, €421

Main photograph: @theantiquesroomgalway

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