10 Trending Tweets To Start Your Week

Happy Monday! Stick the kettle on there and sit down for a minute to catch up on the world.

1. Harry Styles' covered Kanye's Ultralight Beam at his first solo show and it was fabulous.

2. These ridiculous lyrics are not even the most ridiculous Eurovision lyrics - check out this piece on 39 Of The Most WTF Eurovision Performances Of All Time. Never forget when Italy's lyrics included the line: "I love parking inattentively."


3. The world's bet-preserved armoured dinosaur was accidentally discovered in 2011. It's 112 million years old and now on display at the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology.

4. Planet Earth II's ?Snakes vs Iguanas Chase? won a BAFTA last night for 'Virgin's Must-See Moments'. You can watch it here.


5. Please bear with me while I struggle to find a pun to fit here. If you beat me to it, comment below!

6. No YOU'RE crying.


7. People are still very upset that the never ending Fair City storyline didn't end last night.

8. Our May cover star Imelda May (on shelves nationwide now!) was on Graham Norton at the weekend and everyone loved her.

9. George Osbourne's look after his first week as editor of The Evening Standard is our Monday look every week.


10. Mary Robinson, Caitlin Moran, Oprah, Patti Smith, Rosa Parks, Angela Merkel, Pussy Riot, Virginia Woolf, Michelle Obama, Lena Dunham and more appeared in a photo gallery honouring exceptional women during the opening night of U2's The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

That's it! Happy Monday, go forth and conquer!

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