10 Reasons to Love Colin Firth

We look at why the Magic in the Moonlight star is an eternal crush...

That Jumper in Bridget Jones? Diary
It is the (reindeer) face that launched a thousand imitations. Every year men across the country try to out-do each other in who can be the naffest regarding their Christmas jumper choices and we're attributing the phenomenon'to this seminal rom-com moment. While Colin Firth's Mark Darcy ensemble might lack the flashing lights we've come to expect every Twelve Pubs, its adorable subtlety reigns supreme.

That Oscar Winning Performance
The King's Speech is one of our favourite movies in recent years. We even bawled our eyes out during the trailer. Firth's portrayal of King George VI?as he tries to overcome his speech impediment and step up to the challenge of leading a nation through war is one we suspect even our grandchildren will laud.


Awful Film Choices
For every Single Man there's The Accidental Husband. Firth might seem to be knocking it out of the critically acclaimed park with his Tinker, Tailor turns but his resum? is also a beloved cave of Saturday night-in duds. This makes him that little bit more fanciable as it means he is always willing to work and has a good sense of humour - see Mamma Mia. If you too managed to sit through Hope Springs look us up for a whiskey sometime.

His Amazing Wife
Livia Firth is a woman who took advantage of the spotlight and is doing genuine good with the platform she's been dealt. Her consultancy business, Eco-Age, began as a shop but has since become one of the most respected sustainable businesses in fashion, advising companies on changes they can instigate for the good of the industry. However, Livia is best known for her Green Carpet Challenge. While her husband was attending the whilrwind that is the press tour for The King's Speech in 2011 she decided to wear eco-friendly and repurposed designer gowns. It spawned a capsule collection with Net-a-Porter.com and a changed attitude among some of the biggest hitters in fashion.




The Clothes
How glorious, and heartbreaking, was the Tom Ford directed A Single Man? How well did Colin Firth work that retro elegance?

Colin Firth

Mr. Darcy
Sorry, but this man has ruined us for other men. That house. That lake. That wet shirt. If we're speaking foreign to you the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice is on Netflix so if you haven't sent your manager an ?I'm awfully ill and need to not come in tomorrow? email then we can't be friends.

Colin Firth

His Character in Love Actually
Love Actually is eleven years old this Christmas. There's your scary fact of the day. Firth's storyline in the Richard Curtis Christmas orgy was so good it could have made its own film. Also, it had another lake scene and a man learning another language to secure the love of his soulmate.

Colin Firth

Because He is the Ideal Man in Bridget Jones' Diary
Surely the romantic hero Gotham deserves and needs right now? Mark Darcy is the template for the perfect man, in the same way Bridget was the template for every woman feeling stuck in a career and life rut. He made her friends laugh, helped her get a news scoop, and fought Hugh Grant's odious Daniel Cleaver for her.


And he loves us just the way we are.

The Man Can Dance
This pivotal and sexy scene from the under-appreciated Easy Virtue remedies any attempts at song-and-dance in Mamma Mia.

He's Only Getting Better
Exhibit A: how he seems to be getting even more handsome. Exhibit B: his leading role in the whimsical and charming Magic in the Moonlight, which is released this Friday.


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Magic in the Moonlight hits Irish cinemas Friday September 19th.

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