10 Minimalist Engagement Rings For The Non-Flashy Bride

Yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend and fabulous and all that, but when it comes to engagement rings, not everyone wants a piece of jewellery the price of a small house. One of my best friends recently got engaged and she chose her ring for sentiment and because it was a ring perfectly suited to her personality - it was simple and beautiful and didn't cost the earth. The most eye-catching rings won't either. Because the fact that it's expensive (or not) shouldn't be a deal-breaker when making your choice.

Before you sign up for the usual diamond, why not consider?a coloured stone, something in rose gold, or a ring that's been handmade?

We've picked out 10 of our of our favourite alternative engagement gems?for the bride who a more minimalist choice of engagement ring.

Beth Gilmour 18ct Yellow Gold Green Diamond Ring at Design Yard, €1,585


Pearl Rose Gold Ring at Etsy, €170.74

Ileana Makri 18-karat Rose Gold Diamond Eternity Ring, Net-A-Porter, €1,325

Chupi's Wrap Me In Your Love, Chupi, €779


Antique Engagement Ring, Moissanite, Etsy, €611.91

Rose Gold Promise Ring, MajadeJewelryDesign, €249.27 ?

White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, Etsy, €319.12

Pear Shaped Cut Dimond ?Ring, HelloRing??171.64


Diamond Aquamarine Engagement Ring, popRing, €359 ?

White Moonstone Ring, ShiriAvda, €527.60

Main image by?Bridget Flohe?on?Unsplash

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