10 genius decluttering hacks we can't believe we didn't know

Get organised with these simple, DIY decluttering hacks 

While working from home, it’s easy to let little things drive you crazy, like bedsheet jumbles stuffed in the closet or towering tupperware lids falling from the press when it's opened.

Proper storage can make all the difference, but who has the money to splurge on sophisticated organisers and hanging pot racks?

These clever DIY decluttering hacks use what you already have at home to organise pesky pots and pans, make-up, toys and more.


1. Store sheets inside a matching pillowcase

Photo credit: lifehacker.com

Fold duvet sets nice and tight before sliding them into a matching pillowcase. This is a great way to keep your hall closet neat and easily select the set of sheets you need.

2. Use shower hooks to hang scarves, belts and ties

Save space in your wardrobe by hanging scarves, belts or ties on stylish shower hooks. You can attach multiple hooks to a clothing hanger and store accessories in the closet.

3. Divide drawers with repurposed cereal boxes


Simply cut old cereal boxes in half, wrap them in colourful paper and place them inside your junk drawer. This way you can sort out bits and bobs with ease, and it looks pretty too.

4. Store wires in decorated toilet rolls

Store strewn about phone chargers, laptop cords and fairy lights in handy toilet rolls. Wrap the rolls in a fun fabric or wrapping paper first and no one will be the wiser.

5. Repurpose rain gutters as shallow shelves

Photo credit: moneysavingmom.com

Do your kids have a messy pile of story books in the corner of their room? Display them with repurposed rain gutters. Give the cutters a fresh coat of paint, eliminate any sharp corners and secure them to the wall for some cute, chic bookshelves.

6. Add a lazy susan to your corner cupboard

Say goodbye to noisy panhandling (pardon the pun) with this clever rotating rack for pots and pans. Buy one online or, if you are feeling crafty, make your own with a round cutting board.

7. Install a towel or magazine rack to store lids

Photo credit: hello.diply.com

Attach a magazine rack or a towel rack to the inside of your press door for easy lid storage. This way, you can clearly see what size you need without rummaging through the back of the press.

8. Use a tension rod under the sink for cleaning sprays

Most of us keep our cleaning products under the kitchen sink, which means sponges, cleaning cloths, bin bag rolls and spray bottles are constantly piled on top of each other. By hanging sprays on a tension rod under the sink, it creates a clever way to store bulky bottles up and out of the way.

9. Everyone gets a wall basket

Photo credit: homedit.com

Wall baskets are an ideal way to utilise space, but they can also be used as temporary toy holders. Allocate a wall basket per child, and if you find any toys while picking up, put them in their basket until they can be put away.


10. Store makeup in a mounted spice rack

Repurpose an old spice rack with a fresh design and mount it beside your mirror. It becomes the perfect makeup holder, minimising clutter.

Feature image: moneysavingmom.com


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