10 Excellent Eateries in Dublin Town

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How many times have you found yourself fatigued and in need of a good feed after an afternoon stomping around Grafton Street? Now, how many of those times have you made an informed and well received decision regarding where to grab a bite, or just kick the feet up until the rush hour is over? Mmmmyeah, not easy is it. That's why we've come up with some of the best sustenance stops that the Grafton Quarter has to offer.

For Decadent Decor, Great Food and More... 37 Dawson Street.
They're not just a bar. They're not just a late bar. They are 37 Dawson Street... They are everything you desire, especially if you want food with your tipple of choice. Worth a visit even to just check out the decor.


For Pint a? The Black Shtuff... Keoghs, 9 South Anne Street
You can't baaayht a bitta Keoghs - especially in the afternoon, before all the hoards start hanging around outside. If it's a cold day, it's one of the best places to warm up in cosy confines. Should you find it rammed to the rafters, sure Neary's is only around the corner on Chatham Street. You're always bound to get a seat upstairs.

For Healthy Bites... Alchemy Juice Co, 28A Grafton Street
Food is fuel. If you're looking for a pitstop to rehydrate and replenish, a hound for fresh goodness on the go, look no further than this health kick mecca.



For People Watching With Your Tapas... The Bailey Bar, 1-4 Duke Street
You've got good music, you've got a covered smoking area outside, you've got tapas if you want something to nibble on while you enjoy a glass of vino, and you're right on the corner of Grafton Street - the perfect perch to watch the world go by.

For Tooth Tingling Sweetness... Sweet Nosh, Chatham Street
It may be small, but it's perfectly formed. Delicate pastries, gorgeous gelato, and other goodies to tantalise the tastebuds. They also do a mean macchiato.

For Yummy Noodles On The Move... Yum Thai, Duke Street
We say "on the move" because - while this isn't somewhere to sit and lounge over a meal - it is the perfect place to grab some springs rolls, and a Thai red curry.

For Delicious Food On Your Shopping Break... Gotham Cafe
We couldn't mention the Grafton Quarter without giving a nod to one of Dublin's best restaurants to put your feet up after your shopping trip. Gotham Cafe is the perfect spot when you want something tasty but don't want to spend hours at lunch. Definitely try the pizza.

For Pizza, Pasta and Pastries... Carluccios, 52 Dawson Street
Whether it's for a hot drink, dinner, their house breakfast, or their famed Tuscan Bean Soup - this bright, kiddie friendly spot on the corner of Dawson Street has a little bit of everything - and killer coffee.



For Upscale Eats... Balfes, Balfe Street
A nice spot for outdoor dining (they have throws if it's chilly), lazy lunches, and evening soirees. With food served in both the bar and the restaurant, there's something for everyone. While it's on the pricier side, it's worth it.


For Cocktails... The Grafton Lounge, Duke Lane
There's a lot to be said for competitively priced cocktails in this day and age, and this establishment has them in spades. Along with the decor, chic ambience, and the music, you could be in New York. Don't worry, they also do food.

Do you agree with our choices? Are there any glaring omissions?

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